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Classroom / Training and Keypad

Using Audience Response System during the activities such as periodic staff trainings, new staff trainings and product trainings create excellent results. Researches show that using Audience Response System during training programs create increases of %76 in participant attention, %20-30 in class productivity, %25-30 in test results.

For instance, you can use ARS during periodic meetings for your product trainings and measure the perception levels for the information presented in a few seconds. Thus, you can carry on your training program if you are happy with the results, or you can turn back and repeat the black points if you are not happy with the results. Keypad would make your training programs more effective and efficient in the short run.

Is it tiresome to read exam papers at home out of your daily shift? You can use Keypad Exam to make exams. The most important benefit of using Keypad Exam during exams is that it shortens the exam and evaluation times. Right after the exam session is over; you can see the exam results even before leaving the class. Keypad Exam usage during exams also prevents cheating at a great extent.