pandora smycken

Meeting and Keypad

Conditions such as large number of participants and compulsion of being stick to the program schedule weakens the main functions of conferences such as idea exchanges, communication and feedback. Especially for conferences with large number of participants, advantages of using Audience Response System are more obvious.

Assume that you are performing a presentation in a congress with 500 participants attending. And you would like to find out what type of treatment method and approach might be implemented or what type of result is expected by attending doctors for discussed or similar medical incident, just before you explain an interesting point in your presentation. You can manage to have answers to your questions in 3 seconds.

Responds of attending doctors will be displayed on the screen right after the presentation of respective medical incident. Than, you can either continue your presentation or start a discussion according to the distribution of responds. Using Keypad makes "Medical Incident Discussions" – frequently used in health sector – really efficient.

You can add your subject related video and slide displays to the questions. You can choose to have responds either with name or without name. If you wish you can also discuss an interesting point with an instant question via voting system, as an efficient method. If you enter specific participant information such as expert, assistant, private sector, state work, age, sex, etc before the conference starts, you can have the responds on a demographic scale instantly or whenever you would like to make your data analysis later on.