pandora smycken

Competition and Keypad

Special contests and games provide energy and motivation to the activities. Team spirit is settled. Communication and cooperation between participants are improved.

Even if the game format is applied between people just met, it creates a friendly atmosphere instantly. While providing information and opinion trade healthily, honestly, fast, voting system is also a device to support team spirit.

For example you will arrange a training program to your staff for a new product launch. You can measure their level of being informed daily or at the end of the program, and you can make this as an enjoyable game by ARS Game or Bas-check.

You can measure the training related knowledge level of your staff after each session or at the end of each training day. Additionally, you can determine whether the subject is understood or not by using ARS Game or Bas-check.

Also if desired, you can manage to measure learning degrees, to make staff compete with each other, to make them work together and to have a great time by arranging a game and award system at the end of the day. It might be a Bas-check game such as Jeopardy with headings, technical specialties, sales and marketing strategies, advertisement and customer relations.