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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it hard to use?
    No, not at all. The only thing you have to do is to enter the choice that is correct for you after you see the question on the screen . In fact, you do not even have to point to devices towards any direction, for it Works with radio frequency.
  2. Does the system allocate much space?
    No. The devices are the size of cell phones, and the system consists of one receiver and one notebook.
  3. Does it take a long time to set it up?
    Setup time of the system is 5 minutes. The only thing to do after this is the control of the image from the curtain.
  4. Where is it used?
    Audience Response System can be used in all kinds of presentations, examinations and competitions in all open and enclosed spaces, and can be adapted to your work and projects.
  5. What is the maximum number of users?
    Maximum number of users is 4550. If more people are to participate, suitable solutions can be created.
  6. What happens if I change my mind after I vote or answer the question?
    The only thing you have to do is to push the relevant button for your new choice within the answering period, and the system will automatically accept the last provided answer.
  7. How do I know whether the answer I gave is processed?
    After you enter your answer, turning off the signal on the keypad screen means that your answer was conveyed to the system within the period.
  8. How do I know that the voting is over?
    The voting ends with two methods:
    • Manual termination by the operator.
      It is terminated by the operator, considering the question lengths and answering rates.
    • Automatic termination.
      If the voting will be time-based, the voting will end automatically at the end of the prescribed time.
    Alternatively, the voting will be terminated by the system when the desired number of participants is achieved.
  9. How many choices can the questions have at most?
    You can present 10 choices at most in one question. If you want to present more choices, you can ask the same question a second time with the other choices.
  10. In which format must we give the questions to you in order for you to prepare them?
    You can hand them out in the word or notepad formats prepared in digital format. We will rearrange the questions transferred by you to us in the ARS program.
  11. Can we add Picture or video clips to the questions?
    Yes, adding these is possible. The pictures must be in .jpg and .bmp, video clips must be in .avi, sound files must be in .wav formats.
  12. How many days in advance must we communicate the questions to you?
    For testing, it is important for the questions to reach us at least 2 days before the meeting if possible.
  13. Can I only ask questions that were previously prepared with this system?
    No, you can ask not only questions that are previously prepared, but also the questions you added at the last minute. What is more, you can also ask questions that may develop as the activity progresses, or that come to your mind at that moment spontaneously.
  14. What is included in the rental service?
    First, let us state that the rental covers all the day. This service includes requested number of devices, notebook, one receiver unit, the Project manager and required number of technicians, your reports to be arranged after the job and the delivery and collection of devices. The price does not include curtain and projector.
  15. What are the benefits of this service for my establishment?
    It ensures that the activity you hold will be efficient and you will get fast and accurate returns. It decreases the time needed for the Office work aimed at entering and evaluating data to zero. It saves you of paper cost..
  16. Bu hizmetin etkinliği düzenleyenler açısından faydaları nelerdir?
    Daha yoğun gönüllü katılım, hızlı durum değerlendirmesi, motive olmuş, ilgisi yüksek bir izleyici profili, kalite ve yüksek verim sağlar.
  17. What are the benefits of this service with regard to the organizers of the activity?
    It ensures more intensive voluntary participation, fast assessment of the situation, motivated and highly attentive audience profile, quality and high efficiency.
  18. How does this service contribute to the presentation makers?
    It helps the presentation maker to make direct and effective connection with the audience that is based on mutual communication. It creates a discussion environment with broad participation. It constantly keeps the attention of the audience. The instructors can instantly detect if the information conveyed by them was acquired, if it was understood accurately and what the incomplete aspects are.
  19. What are the benefits of this service with regard to the audience?
    The audience transforms from a passive status to an active status. They see that their ideas are received and become motivated accordingly. They enjoy the superiority of learning by participating and implementing.
  20. Is it possible to reach demographic data concerning the participants?
    Yes. You can enter questions that will allow you to determine the demographic qualities of participants prior to the activity and in this way obtain data that tells you which demographic qualities people giving answers during the activity have.