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What Is Perception Analyzer?

The Perception Analyzer is a vital tool for more robust research, enhanced group interactions and effective learning. This unique tool allows you to more deeply understand perceptions and better predict outcomes.

How Does Perception Analyzer Work?

Participants adjust their dials on a continuous basis to indicate how they feel about what they are seeing, hearing and/or experiencing. The result is a line graph that is superimposed over the source material to show how the audience feels at every moment.

Areas Of Usage

  • Market Research
  • Political Research
  • Events and Meetings


Market Research - Benefits
  • Quantitative data collected in a qualitative environment
  • Use real-time quant results to drive group discussion and/or choose respondents for qual breakouts
  • Ensure all respondents are equally represented
  • Eliminate groupthink, where more vocal respondents can dominate and influence the less vocal ones
  • Data available for analysis immediately following the group(s)
Political Research - Benefits
  • Easily test different versions of ads and/or talking points
  • Compare candidate performances in real-time
  • Know what scored well with respondents and use data to drive group discussion
  • Evaluate issues and perform trade-off conjoint exercises to determine true weighted, rank order preference
Events and Meetings - Benefits
  • Increase attention and retention
  • Minimize distractions caused by Wi-Fi and mobile devices
  • Engage the audience and make them part of the event
  • Gather real-time information for decision-making
  • Foster team spirit with games and group activities
  • Inform, involve, inspire
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