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What Is ARS(Keypad) Game?

ARS(Keypad) Game is a game system which combines questions and games together. ARS(Keypad) Game can be played with teams or individually.

How Does ARS(Keypad) Game Work?

  • All the ARS(Keypad) games can be played up to 240 participants or 10 teams can be arranged. In team organization, each team will have up to 24 members.
  • It is not necessary for teams to have same number of members. The computer program will score each team according to their points and the number of team members equally.
  • If it is desired, each participant's responses to each question can be reported in detail after the organization.
  • Graphics and logos can be adapted or changed according to your concept
  • Video or music files can be added
  • Individual responses as well as team scores can be reported


  • Ensures active participation and motivation.
  • Increases participation, improves cognition.
  • Improves team-making abilities.
  • Adds liveliness and excitement to presentations.
  • Reinforces memory retention.
  • Makes stand activities more interesting.
Wacky Races

Speed Examination is a game based on the logic of competing on a race track. The teams advance on the track according to the correct answer ratio. The purpose is to complete the race first as a team, that is, to get the highest score.

Alongside knowledge, concentration and attention are also very important. teknikaIt is quite important to be able to catch some small details while one is focused at a purpose. Catching the "Bonus Dove" that appears on the screen during some questions is a feature of the game that measures the attention.

As many questions as desired can be asked in the game, and many "Bonus Doves" can appear at random between questions.


The game consists of two stages. The first stage includes questions aiming to measure knowledge. In the second stage, the points gained in the knowledge stage are increased with coefficients.

Every participant in the team moves the Hoppers "in coordination with the team".

At the end of the game, he/she tries to take place on the bonus points. If the individuals in the team could not achieve the real team spirit, they can fall behind a well-functioning team, regardless of their high level of knowledge teknikaHowever, alongside knowledge, questions such as “Can we work as a team? Do we possess team spirit, or do we seem like a team but every member is interested in his/her own good individually?” are answered.


The game consists of two parts. The competitors collect points by answering the questions given in the first part.

The purpose of the game is to test the knowledge of the participants. There is no limitation of both teams having equal number of participants. Each answer given by each player contributes equally to the increase in points of the team

The specialty of the second part is skating in a fun way “as a team”, collecting the bonuses on the track and increasing the points collected in the knowledge stage.

teknikaThe players try to collect the bonuses without hitting the obstacles while advancing downwards on the surface. The obstacles deprive the team of points and slow down, while bonuses provide extra points. The first team to reach the finish at the end of the game gains one more extra point. The most important feature of this game is that it builds up team spirit. The team members can outscore their competitors if they act together and organize better.