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What Is Keypad Examination?

Keypad Examination is an exam system which provides exam results instantly after the exam. Every participant has his/her exam paper and a Keypad Examination, participants send their answers via Keypad Examination.

How Does Keypad Examination Work?

  • It is wireless and operates at radio frequency
  • The results are obtained within 5 seconds without requiring an optical reader.
  • With the categorization of Questions such as Marketing-Sales-Product Information etc., the success is differentiated according to categories..
  • The participant can start from the question he/she feel inclined, browse to the questions and change his/her answers. He/she utilizes the prescribed time, as he/she likes.
  • The answers can be followed instantly (the questions answered correctly/incorrectly, their percentages, who answers which question correctly or incorrectly at that instant) on the instructor (moderator) screen.
  • At the instant the examination ends, it is possible to give the examination paper (as marked with both the correct answer and the answer chosen by the participant) to the participant.


In Educational Activities
  • Comparison of the training knowledge level
  • Short examinations about the training (Quiz)
  • Evaluation of the Training/Instructor
In Examinations
  • Who is the most hardworking, who answered most quickly?
  • Questions with most correct/incorrect answers
  • Percentaged and Instantaneous individual success
  • Who is successful at which subject?
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