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What Is Audience Response System (Keypad)?

As a data collecting and analyzing system, Keypad works wireless on radio frequency. System is composed of a central receiver and a computer program; and it increases the effectiveness of group activities by giving pace to respond gathering, feedback and voting processes, it makes data management easier, it saves time, money and manpower.

How Does Audience Response System Work?

  • It is wireless and operates at radio frequency.
  • Prepared questions are integrated into the system before the activity.
  • During the activity, questions are asked to the participants in a planned order.
  • Participants reply the questions by using buttons on devices.
  • Results are transmitted to the screen within 3 seconds as graphic.

Areas Of Usage

  • Training Oriented Activities
  • Conference, Session, Seminar and Symposiums / Event Presentations
  • Dealer Meetings
  • Focus groups, Market researches and Questionnaires
  • Elections and Board Meetings
  • Human Resource Departments
  • Strategic Management and Decision Making Processes at Planning
  • Stand Activities
  • Competitions and games / Team Works


  • Increase in Motivation
  • Fast Data Evaluation
  • Interested Participants.
  • Well-Attended Discussion Platform.
  • Encouraging Participation with Secret Voting Option.
  • Time and Budget Savings.
  • Efficient Meetings.
  • Question Types

    Multiple choice (up to 10 options)
    Yes/No, True/False
    Demographic grouping
    Priority determination

    • Reports
      Datas which obtained by the Audience Response System is very valuable in terms of data comparison and can be used as a reference point for further meetings.
      Furthermore, Reports are provided in excel format that can be analyzed using different analysis softwares.
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